Establish market positioning at mid-to-high-end prices
Maintain interaction with customers with personalized service
Have its own uniqueness
Quality and price are also important considerations. The domestic demand for audio is quite large, but most of them have low quality and additional requirements. The company has to take a professional route, not only to continuously introduce R&D, but also to continuously innovate products. The numerous mid-to-high-end entertainment projects meticulously built have received a good response and created good benefits for customers.
The importance of service is getting more and more attention. If market development is “enterprise”, service is “keeping the industry”. Compared with the passion of the former, the latter requires a professional attitude and continuous enthusiasm. The basis of personalized service is professionalism. When the customer consults, the service team must give professional feedback in time
In the course of many years of operation, we have discovered that there are so many dealers who are shoddy and fake, which has caused the market to be very chaotic, and many customers have all kinds of doubts about the products. In this chaotic market, if you want to attract the attention of consumers and win the favor of consumers, you must have your own uniqueness; therefore, it is very important to adjust marketing strategies and establish a boutique image.
Guangdong Xianghui Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Mashi professional audio brand was founded in 2006, focusing on stage audio. To continuously explore the higher realm of sound, to bring a good quality audio-visual experience to every customer is the production concept and ultimate pursuit. Through comprehensive and meticulous consideration of consumer demand, it provides not only a series of professional audio-visual products, but also a lifestyle that meets spiritual needs.
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