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1:此系列产品是具有音箱处理器功能的卡拉OK效果器,每部分功能都独立可调;采用24Bit数据总线和32Bit DSP;Kara OK   processor with Audio processor function, Each function is available adjustable independently, 24 Bit data and 32 Bit DSP.

2:MUSIC输入通道设有7段参量均衡;MIC输入通道设有15段参量均衡;主输出设有5段参量均衡;中置输出及超低音均设有3段参量均衡;麦克风有三级反馈机制; 7 paragraphs equilibrium balance for Music input channel; 15 paragraphs equilibrium balance; 5 paragraphs equilibrium balance for main input; 3 paragraphs equilibrium balance for Medium output and Sub Bass. 3 level feedback mechanism for mic.

3:可存储16种模式;Available stored 16 types

4:麦克风输出、主输出、中置输出、超低音输出均设有压限及延时功能;内设管理者模式与用户模式:用户模式在调整参数后不能存储; 本机设有全功能菜单,也可通过PC界面进行设置Voltage limits and delay function for Mic output, Main Output, Medium output, Sub bass output. Built -in Manager and User Mode. User Mode can not store after adjustable data. The full menu, available PC control and setting.


最大输入电平Max input Level


最大输出电平Max output level


Music通道增益Music Channel Gain


麦克风灵敏度Mic Sensitivity

64MV(OUT :4V)

信噪比Signal to Ratio


输入电压Input Voltage

~220V 50HZ


438mm x218.5mm x47.5mm

Guangdong Xianghui Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Mashi professional audio brand was founded in 2006, focusing on stage audio. To continuously explore the higher realm of sound, to bring a good quality audio-visual experience to every customer is the production concept and ultimate pursuit. Through comprehensive and meticulous consideration of consumer demand, it provides not only a series of professional audio-visual products, but also a lifestyle that meets spiritual needs.
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